Food Exchange

Where food businesses of every possible flavour come together to create, innovate and collaborate.


January 2018


Front of the

The Food Exchange is a brand new hub for the widest variety of food-related businesses. Part studios and offices, part co-working space and food factory for startups. It’s also a centre for food education and culture for aspiring chefs, cooks and foodies.

Across four inspiring storeys, the Food Exchange brings together entrepreneurs, young startups, established firms and seasoned professionals. All with one common purpose: to do something great in food.

Over time, the ground floor of the Food Exchange will be home to independent restaurants, cafés and food shops. Those who share the creative and collaborative ethos of the crowd upstairs.

A starter kitchen

Across the first and ground floors of the Food Exchange is our starter kitchen, a new space for food startup businesses. Part co-working space, part communal production kitchen, it will bring cooks, chefs, inventors, tasters, bakers, brewers and small food manufacturers together in one place to create amazing food and grow their businesses.

This is where ideas are moved from the head to the kitchen and into the mouth. Young startups learning from experienced mentors, nurturing and guiding them through those crucial early stages. Welcome to the most inspirational kitchen in London.

A food education and culture kitchen

The Food Exchange is about capturing the excitement of food. An impressive demonstration kitchen will host programmes aimed at the highest professional level as well as cooking lessons for the public and local community, with all skill levels in between. We are excited at the idea of future food heroes citing their time at the Food Exchange.

This is also a place to celebrate London’s wonderfully eclectic and enormously rich food culture. Food is our cultural currency. The Food Exchange is where we can all come together to share our stories and traditions. To learn from each other. To experience the flavour of London in our centre for food culture.

Drop in for talks, tastings and supper clubs from the world’s most interesting food characters. Or simply come along to enjoy the theatre of food being made.

Technical Drawings

Flexible and creative office spaces on the second and third floors.

Rooftop gardens adorn the wings of the building, creating a place to learn about growing.

The Academy on the first floor. Our new food and flower education centre.

Retail on the ground floor, including the Post Office and bank, as well as independent food and flower retailers.