A Phased Build and Move

June 2015

September 2022

We are working to a phased programme. This means building in phases and relocating traders in manageable groups. As we are building Brand New Covent Garden Market on the exact same site as the existing market it is the only possible option.

It follows a regular cycle: Build-Move-Demolish-Repeat

The programme will start by building on one of the vacant pieces of land such as the South Vehicle Car Park. When the first brand new building is completed we move the first group of traders in. The building that they vacated is then demolished. Building immediately starts on the newly cleared land. The cycle repeats until the entire market has been rehoused. It sounds very simple put like that. It is simple. There are, however, a vast schedule of critical complexities to be factored in and addressed.

Go here to download the latest Decant Phasing Plans

The Move

Relocating 200 businesses from their homes to new ones is never going to be without some stress. The fact that the new, significantly better, home is only a few metres away still means an awful lot of work to do. We know, and respect, that.

A comprehensive Move Handbook will be issued to every tenant. This will explain, in detail, exactly what is happening, when it will happen and what you need to do. It will be issued well in advance of any procedure giving you time to prepare.

You will be given access to your new unit prior to moving in. This will allow you to carry out any necessary fit out works. This means, on the day you move in, you’re ready to trade. The builders, VINCI Construction UK, will have a site office on the market and a site manager to deal with queries. But we will continue to be on site and happy to help, always. Talk to us. We will assist and advise on any aspect of the project.

Construction Timeline

Below is an overview of the construction programme for the seven years.

To see what works and construction are happening on site now and what’s coming up, please see News & Works Updates.

All dates are subject to change.


APRIL 2017
Flower Market

JUNE 2017
D1-23, C6-11

MARCH 2018
A1-23, B1-23, C1-5, C12-23

MARCH 2019
A24-75, B24-75

C24-52, D24-52

C53-75, D53-75

Flower Market

Business as Usual

Rome wasn’t built in a day and Brand New Covent Garden Market will be seven years in delivery. It needs that amount of time to make sure we don’t disrupt trade. There is no alternative. Quicker does not mean better.

From the very start of a project as significant and complex as Brand New Covent Garden Market it is critical to set out a number of factors which are not open for negotiation. One of the first we agreed on was the absolute principle that traders’ business comes first and no customer receives anything less than the usual high level of service and quality. Rest assured, this is still written large. We understand, completely, the importance of this.

On a project of this size there are some details and elements which, unavoidably, will be revised and tweaked as we go along. What won’t change is our commitment to business as usual.