Cutaway of a trading unit

Designing a Better Market

Brand New Covent Garden Market is 500,000 sq ft (46,500 sq m) of modern and efficient trading space. That’s more trading space than now and means we continue to be the largest wholesale market in the UK (and the best). By being more intelligent with the space we have, we’re able to create more on less.

There is beautiful architecture and there is architecture that works beautifully. The architecture that works flawlessly and efficiently is not always conventionally pleasing to look at. Brand New Covent Garden Market epitomises the theory of form following function.

The buildings look like they do because every feature is where it needs to be. The scale of detail is dictated by efficiency. Materials have been selected for quality, performance and durability.

The happy outcome is the incidental, unconventional and dramatic beauty of such architecture. A unified identity connects the separate buildings giving them a unique and a distinctive feel. The dramatic scale of these buildings will only be fully realised when standing next to one in a few years time. They are big.

A Better London

So, better does not necessarily mean bigger. To make New Covent Garden Market better we have freed up some land. There is no point in denying that land in London is valuable. This is how we are able to build a better New Covent Garden Market.

This surplus land will now be used for new London homes. 20 percent of which will be reserved as high quality, affordable homes. New jobs will be created here, both during construction and after. We’ll be helping create a new linear park for Nine Elms, a green ‘spine’ from Vauxhall to Battersea Power Station.

We have already made way for a new underground station, Nine Elms, an extension to the Northern Line. And we will be giving up one of our railway arches to create a new pedestrian route from that station across the linear park and onto the river. This will make it even easier for people to get here for work.

All of these homes, all of the people who live in them and work here, will become part of the extended community of New Covent Garden Market. Brand New Covent Garden Market is about helping make London better.

To learn more about the plans for the sites, go here.