Redevelopment News 01.19

Stage Three of work in South Vehicle Car Park has started

We have started work on Stage Three of the South Vehicle Car Park. The new road, which cuts through D Road to the Southern Loop Road, is now complete. This helps to improve access for lorries and forklift trucks both to and from the consolidation area. We still have traffic management on site at night to make sure the road in this section stays clear and the market continues to operate safely. Please remember that everyone on site has a responsibility to prioritise health and safety. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to keep the market running smoothly as we to go through these changes.

Work behind the hoardings in the South Vehicle Car Park area is progressing well.  We have a piling rig stabilising the ground for the next stage of construction, which will involve putting up the steel frames for the building. You’ll start to see the structure of this taking shape over the coming weeks.

An update on the new Security Lodge

Work on the new Security Lodge by Link House continues to progress well. The exterior is nearly complete and the building will be watertight by early February. This means we can then start works to the interior, including putting up the internal walls. The new Security Lodge is on schedule for completion in June 2019.

Deconstructing Link House

Once the new Security Lodge is complete, the security team who currently sit in Link House will move into this building, freeing up space to start the next phase of work to Link House. We expect the full migration to have happened by August 2019. We will share more details of next steps closer to the time.

Removal of the West Bridge

We’ve nearly finished soft stripping the inside of the West Bridge – that’s removing the non-structural elements from the inside. We now need to free up some space underneath the West Bridge so that we can start the next stage of work to the outside of the bridge. Before starting this work, we are holding a one-day trial from 16:00 on Thursday 31 January until 10:00 Friday 1 February. This is to help us understand how this will work. Once we’re happy with the trial, we’ll give you more information about the next steps for the demolition of the West Bridge.

Thames Water works by Wandsworth Road exit

As you may have seen, Thames Water is carrying out major alterations to its pipework by the market’s exit onto Wandsworth Road. We have been told that this work is expected to finish by May 2019. You can continue to exit onto Wandsworth Road but please be aware that there will be extra congestion here until they’ve finished.

R &F Properties Entry and Exit Change

We were recently informed that from February, R&F Properties, the developer that now owns the site where the old Flower Market used to be, intends to make the old Flower Market exit a two-way entry and exit. This is so that their construction vehicles can enter the site from Wandsworth Road.

Wandsworth Council are currently reviewing their application and will be responsible for final approval. We have raised concerns about the disruption this may cause to vehicles leaving the market and we have objected to their plans. However, this road now belongs to R&F Properties and we are unable to control the final decision. Should you experience any delays or like to object, you can notify Wandsworth Council by calling 020 8871 6000 or emailing