Changes to Entry, Access and Permits


Flower Market permit

With this permit, you may use the Flower Market Entrance and Exit only. The Flower Market Entrance is now open throughout the day, and will only close from midday Saturdays til 6.30pm on Sundays.

If you buy from both the Flower and the Fruit & Veg Market please contact our Operations team who will review your permit to give you access through the Main Entrance. Please note this is for commercial vehicles only and subject to an evaluation.

Fruit & Veg Market permit

With this permit, you may enter via the Main Entrance only, and exit via the Main Entrance or the Flower Market Exit.  Please note there is no vehicular access from the Flower Market to the Fruit & Veg Market.



Private vehicles in the Fruit & Veg Market

Private vehicles are not allowed access to the Fruit & Veg Market. However, if you are an accredited customer with a private vehicle you can apply to our Operations team for a Buyer's Permit to enter and park for up to 3 hours maximum in the designated area on the South Vehicle Car Park. If you are a new buyer, please also speak to our Operations team.

If you are a Fruit & Veg Market tenant, each company has one private vehicle pass to allow for goods to be picked up from your firm. These passes are time limited.

Multi-Storey Car Park permit

With this permit, you may enter and park in the Multi-Storey Car Park only. You're not able to drive into the main market with this permit.



Permits are not interchangeable

Your permit will only work for its designated area and must be displayed in the vehicle at all times.

Access from Flower Market to Fruit & Veg Market

There is no longer a vehicle route from the Flower Market to the Fruit & Veg Market. You need to exit the market via the Flower Market Exit and re-enter via the Main Entrance, provided your permit allows this. Alternatively, you can visit the Fruit & Veg Market first, then drive to the Flower Market without exiting.

New Entrance Plaza to Fruit & Veg Market

This is now fully operational and will operate in the same way as the old Plaza. Casual commercial vehicle entries will still have 3 hours to conduct their business.

Why the changes?

We're making these changes to manage better the volume of vehicles using the site and to make sure parking is prioritised for customers. Please note that during construction we may need to make changes at short notice. Thank you for bearing with us and for your patience.

I have a question

Please call our Operations team on 020 7720 2211 who will help you with any questions you may have.

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