Forklift truck route part-closure in West cut-through

Forklift truck route part-closure

On Monday 10 June, we will be closing the D Row entry passage to the West cut-through on the Fruit and Veg Market for forklift trucks. You will still be able to enter the West cut-through from C Row, but only to access the Buyers’ Walk, not to cross through to D Row. The East cut-through will remain open as normal.

This allows us to continue construction of the buildings for the new Fruit and Veg Market and, as such, the closure will be permanent. We will erect fencing around the restricted area, which starts by Nellie’s Café and runs along part of D Row. Please note there will also be hoardings inside parts of the West cut-through.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access will remain open as normal. Pedestrian routes are indicated in green in the map below.

Buyers’ Walk access & Nellie's Cafe remains open

Forklift trucks and pedestrians will still be able to access Buyers’ Walk from the East cut-through and the West cut-through via C Row. Nellie’s Café will remain open for business.

Forklift trucks that normally access Buyers’ Walk via the West cut-through along D Row will need to use the East cut-through, or take an alternative route via C Row.

Health & Safety for forklift truck drivers

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times (High Vis, Safety Shoes)

  • Don’t overload the vehicle

  • Drive at a safe speed

  • Don’t use mobile phones while operating or driving the vehicle

  • Don’t leave keys in the vehicle

  • Keep noise to a minimum