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Brand New Covent Garden Market Launches

On June 24th we launched Brand New Covent Garden Market. A brand new, better market for wholesalers and customers. A better place to trade produce. A better place to buy.

The New Fruit and Veg Market

Brand New Covent Garden Market is not about reinventing the rules or changing the game. It is, simply, about keeping everything that is good about the market and carefully remastering and making it better.

We hope you were able to join us for our Launch Day exhibition, which was a chance to see the new materials, new images and learn more about the new market. If you weren’t able to make it to the exhibition, there are two ways for you to see all this information:

1 On our new, dedicated website right here ( This is the new home for all things to do with the redevelopment. We’ll be building on and adding to this website over the coming months.

2 In our new booklet. This contains all the images and information from the exhibition. Simply contact Claire Levi ( | 020 7501 3495) with your address and we’ll mail one out to you.

Construction Programme

For the most up to date information about works on site please visit our News and Works Updates page. This is the Construction Programme as of August 2015. Dates are subject to change and will be confirmed nearer the date. The start date refers to the date that area is handed over to the contractor,  it may take longer before any real work starts in that area.

Construction Programme

Multi-Storey Car Park Refurbishment

STARTED: 28 July 2015

ENDS: Full closure ends November 2015, Refurbishment ends March 2016

New Multi-Storey Car Park Refurbishment

While the Multi-Storey Car Park stays exactly where it is, we are giving it a thorough refurbishment. A proper, long term refurbishment. The result will be a cleaner, brighter, modern, safe and secure facility, with  electrical charging points available for those who need them. A better car park for all those who use it.

Lush, living walls to the exterior are an improvement to the look and environmental impact of the car park.

To achieve this, we need to close the Multi-Storey Car Park for four months and users will need to park at the Temporary Car Park on the Main Entrance Site. Cars will move back to the Multi-Storey in November, while refurbishment works will continue until March 2016. We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, but we simply cannot do this any other way.

Hoardings and scaffolding will be going up in the coming weeks and the first phase of works will include:

- Concrete repair to degraded surfaces
- New coatings to ceilings, walls, columns and floors
- New lighting and services
- Refurbishment of drainage
- Removal of blockwork parapets and installation of new handrails

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Over the coming months and years there’s a lot of information we’ll be sending out about this project. Building works, changes on site, openings and closings.

We’ll use this website as well as our new look hard copy newsletter, plus hand out flyers and, of course, send out emails. Our emails are the quickest and best way to stay up to speed with everything that’s happening on site, as we’ll deliver the important information straight to your inbox.

If you aren’t already receiving our emails, we recommend you sign up. You can do this on our website, by emailing with the subject ‘Email  Updates’ or by calling 020 7501 3495 and ask to be added to the list.

Don’t do email? Look out for the flyers we send round the market.

Flower Market Move Process Underway

We have started the process with Flower Market tenants of moving to the Interim Flower Market in October 2016.

We are now working on a Move Pack for Flower Market tenants, as well as a guide to the move for Flower Market customers.

The Interim Flower Market

Temporary Waste Compound

WORKS STARTED: 4 August 2015

OPENS: 24 September 2015

LOCATION: Pavilion Car Park

In Brand New Covent Garden Market we will have a new, powerful and efficient recycling and waste facility adjacent to the Multi-Storey Car Park. This will allow us to maintain our deeply held commitment to sending zero waste to landfill. (The new Recycling and Waste Compound is pictured below.)

New Recycling and Waste Compound

In order to do this, we must move the current waste facility so works can take place. We are creating a Temporary Waste Compound on the old Pavilion Car Park, which will be up and running from 24 September until June 2016, when the new Recycling & Waste Compound will open.

We started works to create the Temporary Waste Compound on 4 August, which included fencing off the area. The Pavilion Car Park is now closed for cars, who need to park in one of the South Vehicle Car Parks.

The Temporary Waste Compound will allow us to provide the same level of recycling and waste service that we provide now.

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