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Building a Better Road Network

STARTS November 2015
ENDS 2021

Brand New Covent Garden Market is not only about new, better buildings. We’re also building a more efficient road layout, creating better traffic flow around the site.

A better road network

The new road layout will include designated fork lift truck routes to keep them safely separate from other vehicles and pedestrians. An efficient and orderly system reducing congestion, stress and hazard.

We’ll be starting the road works shortly, working on small sections at a time to keep disruption to a minimum. We’ll be building these sections of the road network over the coming years and, of course, a number of roads won’t be able to be built until the new buildings are here.

The initial section of road construction will start on is the market’s southern Perimeter Road. Hoardings will be going up around each section of road construction, with road closures and diversions clearly sign posted.

New Electrical Substation and Consolidation Area

In the south corner of the market, south of the Irish Dock, we are starting to prepare the area for construction of the Consolidation Area. We’ll start by hoarding off the area from early November and removing trees and other obstructions.

Following this, will be the construction of the new permanent Electrical Substation. This new building will discreetly house the equipment needed to distribute power across the new market. Detailed technical design work on this area has shown the building needs to move further along the boundary wall, and this will be submitted as a planning revision shortly.

We’ll also be starting construction of a temporary substation, located on the southern Perimeter Road near to The Pavilion. This will provide power for the current market buildings, replacing the old substation in The Pavilion, to allow for its demolition. The permanent and temporary substations will then run in conjunction until all the new market buildings have been constructed.

The new consolidation area

Consolidation Area Redesign

Next to the substation is the Consolidation Area, comprising of three new covered Loading Docks and a dedicated van wash.  Work will commence early in the New Year in this area. You can see the current design in the picture above.

As we plan for work to start, we are using the opportunity to thoroughly review the best use of this area in terms of operational space and the times it will be used. We would welcome your feedback as to how you would potentially use this area in the future. Please contact us on 020 7501 3495 or email with any comments or views.

Construction Programme

For the most up to date information about works on site please visit our News and Works Updates page. This is the Construction Programme as of October 2015.

As with any project of this size, all dates are indicative and are subject to change. As we get nearer to the start date we will be able to confirm timings with more certainty. The start date refers to the date that area is handed over to the contractor and is not the date significant works might start as, often, preparatory works are needed before demolition or construction can begin.

Construction programme october 2015

Other News

The Pavilion Demolition

The Pavilion is now closed, completely empty and ready for demolition. Solid panel hoardings will be replacing the current Heras fencing from early November with the demolition starting shortly after.

Inside the Pavilion today

Multi-Storey Car Park Refurbishment Update

Works to the Multi-Storey Car Park have been progressing since late July.  Internally, demolition and strip out, concrete repairs, painting of surfaces and electrical works are all ongoing.  Externally, the scaffolding is largely complete and demolition of the blockwork walls has progressed. This scaffolding will also be used to install the new façade and green wall.

Flower Market Move Update

With one year to go until the new Flower Market opens in October 2016, we are continuing on with the process for moving. Our Property Team are now able to talk to individual traders in much more detail and will be working their way round the market, talking to everyone. If they haven’t got to you yet, they will do soon.

New Flower Market

Pedestrian Crossing by the Multi-Storey Car Park

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the extended closure of the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the Multi-Storey Car Park. We know it was annoying and frustrating to have to use the bridge for that many days.

The route has now been reopened and thank you for your patience throughout.

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