Newsletter Issue #2

We'll be running a multimedia exhibition on site from 5am, with lots of new images and a model of the new market, as well as an exhibition of photos from our resident Market photographer Clive Boursnell, plus much more. The day will culminate with a drinks and lunch reception and our official start on site.

We will have more details and a full programme for the day in our next newsletter. In the meantime, please save the date Wednesday 24 June.

Building a flexible market

No two businesses in the Market are the same. Market businesses have much more in common, but ultimately the way you run your business is unique to you.

This principle has been fundamental when designing the new market. Though units may appear the same from the outside, it has never been easier for you to customise the inside to suit your individual needs.

Our new Fruit & Veg Market units, all of which will come with food grade floors and insulated white walls as standard, can be run side-by-side, like now, or you can take two units that back on to each other to create a long linear unit for a goods-in, goods-out operation.

If you want to fit out your premises to have a suspended ceiling, insulated lobby, complete cold room or a mezzanine office, the structure of the new units will support all of these so there is no need for costly structural alterations.

In the Flower Market, the main hall temperature will be maintained at a constant 14°C. If you occupy a self-contained unit you can opt to either keep it ambient or chill to cuit your needs. no need to chill those vases anymore.

We're creating flexible trading for flexible businesses.

Tenant move Logistics

Q - One of the questions we've been asked recently is how will a tenant move their business from their current unit into their new unit. How will the phone lines, internet, produce, office etc. be moved?

A - We will be giving every tenant a Move Handbook which will explain exactly what you can expect and what you need to do to move. You will be getting this well ahead of your move date, giving you the time you need to prepare.

We will also give you temporary access  to your unit before you move in, so you can carry out your fit out works. When the time does come to move, we will be working very closely with you to help make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

We're fuller than you think ...

Did you know our Fruit & Vegetable Market units are 94% fully let?

It's great news the Market is so strong but it does mean space doesnt hang around for long.

We do have jsut a couple of units in the Fruit & Vegetable Market for let.

However, we have already recieved strong interest in these units. If you are looking for extra space please write to Richard McAuley ( in our Property Team today, letting him know your requirements.

Short-term space

We will be keeping a couple of units vacant for short-term projects and expansion. If you need extra space for a matter of weeks only, come and talk to us. This gives us extra flexibility to manage the changing needs of the Market.

We, CGMA, pick up the cost of the General Service Charge on unlet units. So tenants do not pay a penny more for units we do not let.

Flower Market Dock Trials

Over the past few months we have been testing in the Flower Market whether three loading docks will be sufficient to handle all HGV deliveries, as per our designs for the new market.

The results have shown that a three dock system will work. However, three is good, but four would be even better.

In parallel with the dock trials, we have been looking at the design of the Interim Flower Market, for ways to make it better. In doing so, we have found a way to incorporate a fourth dock. A final design is being completed right now to provide this. Four docks means we will be prepared for the most exceptional of circumstances and should increase confidence that goods will arrive in the hall on time every morning.

Thank you to all tenants and customers for their patience during the trials.


As you may know, on the 9 April the Development Agreement between CGMA and its partners VINCI St. Modwen (VSM) became unconditional. Like when buying a house, this just means that the deal is now fully completed.

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