Newsletter Issue #3

Construction Programme

Works will be starting on site very soon to build a brand new, better market for all our traders and customers.

Nothing will be going up or coming down quite yet, as initial works will focus on the infrastructure and preparing for the building works. The timeline below shows an overview of the current Construction Programme. In the next newsletter we'll be looking in more detail at the works coming down the road in the next few months.

Point of Contact

VINCI Construction UK are the company managing all construction works taking place across the entire site. They are an extremely reputable and global company with experience working in very sensitive environments. We are in good hands.

They will be setting up a site office in the coming weeks, as well as a hotline number so you can contact the site manager should you need to.

Our own Tenant Liaison Officer: We, of course, will continue to be here and happy to help, always. Talk to us. We will assist and advise on any aspect of the project.

Alette Anderson, our Tenant Liaison Officer, is your dedicated point of contact for all matters to do with the redevelopment. Call her, email her or arrange to meet face- to- face. She will help answer any questions you may have.

Alette Anderson, T: 020 7501 0980, E:

Fit out booklets

Fruit and Veg Market

Back in November we sent all tenants in the current Fruit and Veg Market information about the level of fit out that we intended to provide with every new unit in the new market.

This included food grade floors, insulated white walls, both process and foul drainage as standard, as well as much more. This also included racking, cold room(s), office, WCs and welfare for current tenants, according to business type.

We are pleased to confirm that we will be able to provide this high level of fit out for every tenant. That means both the left and right hand side of the centre pages of your fit out booklet.

This means the new units will be a higher base specification than any other wholesale market in the country.

Flower Market

On 9 June we held a meeting with Flower Market tenants to go through all the plans for the Interim Flower Market. We also hand delivered, to all Flower Market tenants, two  booklets detailing these plans and the process for moving from the current Flower Market to the Interim Flower Market.

If you need more copies of any of these booklets please let us know and we’ll get them out to you.

The Decant

The decant strategy, the process of building and moving in phases, that was developed and presented last year is being taken forward.

The dates have changed, but the sequence of phasing remains the same.

Now the contractor has been appointed, we are working through the phasing at a very detailed level (e.g. exactly where the hoardings will go and for how long). Our immediate focus has been on the first two years but will now turn to the major moves from 2017 onwards.

At the same time we are reviewing, with the CGTA, the phase that affects the wholesalers to see what steps can be taken to reduce any impact on The Buyers’ Walk.

We'll keep you up to date when this work has been completed.

In the meantime, at the exhibition on Wednesday 24 June we’ll have the latest Move Dates for all tenants as well as the Completion Dates for the new market buildings.

All of this information will be in a booklet for you to take away, as well as on our website. You’ll also be able to download the current Decant Programme from our website from Wednesday.

Exhibition 24 June

Join us on Wednesday 24 June for an exhibition all about the new market.

This will be a celebration of our past, present and future and a chance to see and learn about what  the new market will be like. We'll be holding the exhibition on site from 5am, with lots of new images and a model of the new market, as well as an exhibition of photos from our resident market photographer Clive Boursnell.

We look forward to seeing you there.

On: Wednesday 24 June 2015
When: 5.00 am to 12 noon
Venue: Fruit & Vegetable Market Conference Room (C123) & Mezzanine

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