Redevelopment News 02.18

Change of dates for the IDU move

Dates for the three fruit and veg tenants moving into the Interim Distribution Units have shifted.

MG & Sons are on course to move into the IDU by mid-March. Covent Garden Supply & Premier Catering are due to move by April, and Sheringhams by late May. VINCI St. Modwen (VSM) are seeing what they can do to bring these dates forward.

All three tenants - MG & Sons, Covent Garden Supply & Premier Catering and Sheringhams - are working with VSM to get some adjustments and additional fit out done on their new units.

We’ll be doing some filming over the coming weeks to capture the move into the IDU. After the move, you’ll be able to watch how the move went for all three businesses and catch a glimpse of what’s to come further down the line as the new market takes shape. 

Interim Distribution Unit


Update on the vehicle logistics survey

As you may remember, VSM are carrying out a vehicle logistics survey on the market. This is to ensure that we, along with VSM, are using the most current data possible to assess how space on the market is used. We wanted to revisit this before we began the next phase of construction.

We’ve seen some initial results and there are more surveys being carried out, which VSM are doing. As a result, we are delaying starting work in the South Vehicle Car Park until we have the full results of the survey. We expect to have these by the end of March.

We will then share the results with the CGTA for their comments once these are complete, and then with the wider market community. We expect to do this in April. 

Vehicle logistics survey


Fire strategy for the new Fruit and Veg Market 

With the help of a fire engineering consultant and architect, BDP, we are reviewing other options for the fire strategy in the new Fruit and Veg Market. Health and safety is the upmost importance as we explore these alternatives. The existing fire strategy is fire compliant and approved by Wandsworth Council. However, we want to make sure we find the best option for the new market for both compliance and layout.  

At the moment we’re in the process of working with BDP on some new options. This will take several weeks so we should be in a position to share an update, and possibly some new designs, by early Spring. We’ll do this only once we’re happy that the new designs present a better option for a fire strategy.


Have your say on changes to the Ultra Low Emission Zone  

From 8 April 2019, the Mayor is introducing the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London, replacing the T-Charge with even tighter emissions standards for diesel vehicles.

To help further reduce toxic emissions in London, the Mayor is also now proposing to:

 - Extend these tighter emissions standards to the whole of London for lorries, buses and other heavy goods vehicles only in 2020
-  Expand the ULEZ for all vehicles including cars, vans, motorbikes and minibuses up to the North and South circular roads in 2021

To have your say visit:

This consultation ends 28 February 2018.


London has already exceeded the pollution limits set by the Government for the entire year.  The pressure to reduce emissions is going to get stronger which will mean the costs of driving older vehicles in London will only get higher. 

This website could help you plan when you are considering buying new vans.

You can check if your vehicle complies here.


ULEZ map

Letting private studios in the Food Exchange

We’re currently letting private studios in the Food Exchange to food businesses of all types and sizes. Over time, this will be a home for over 130 businesses working in food.

We’re getting the message out to lots of food businesses and influencers in this space and we’ve had lots of good interest already. We’ll soon be able to tell you about the first new tenants joining our community.

In the meantime, if you know any foodie businesses looking for an exciting new home, let them know about the Food Exchange - a new workspace and hub for London’s food entrepreneurs. They can book a viewing via our website:

As well as providing studio space for food businesses, the Food Exchange will have kitchen space for both production and demonstration. This space can be hired by tenant businesses and their clients. Importantly, it will raise the profile of the market across London and continue to show its importance to London’s food sector.

Private studio to rent

We’ve moved office

We have moved out of our porta cabins, Covent House, and into an office on the third floor of the Food Exchange. Just in case you didn’t receive our email, here are details of the new address:

Food Exchange
New Covent Garden Market

If you need help, or have questions, you can contact us on 020 7720 2211. We’re in the process of dismantling the existing porta cabins. This will free up space to unlock the next phase in the redevelopment project once it is ready to begin.

Find directions to our new space here.

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