Redevelopment News 02.19

Steel Framework goes up in the south section of the market.

We continue to make good progress on Phase One – that’s the first section – of the new Fruit and Veg Market . We’ve been putting up the steel framework structure for the first section of West block (in the south side of the market). Standing at almost 15 metres high, you can start to see how the new Fruit and Veg Market will look. These are much taller units, with 10.8 metres of usable height space inside most of the new units compared to the 7.3 metres in the existing units. Over the coming months, you’ll continue to see this take shape as the frame for the building goes up.

We are on schedule to complete Phase One in March 2020.

Internal works have started in the Security Lodge

Exterior works to the security lodge are complete and the building is now watertight. We have started fitting out the inside of the building, which means installing walls, partitions and floors over the coming weeks. We’re on schedule for full completion in June 2019. 

Next stage of work to start on the West Bridge

On Monday 25 March, we start the next stage of work on the West Bridge in the Fruit and Veg Market. We will do this work in three stages, with each stage expected to last approximately five weeks.


We ran some trials to show how we would carry out the works and how traffic would continue to flow underneath the West Bridge throughout. Based on this we have optimised traffic control measures to minimise any impact on tenants and customers. Our traders have been notified about these works, and had the opportunity to observe the trials and ask questions.

Timings for works

Work will take place outside peak market hours, between 08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday, so as to minimise disruption. However, each section will remain cordoned off for the full five weeks of each stage. Parking bays will remain cordoned off in this time too.

First stage of work

The first stage of this work will be the removal of the asbestos boarding fixed to the underside of the West Bridge. Like most buildings of the 1970s, including many schools and hospitals, the market was built using asbestos. In order to progress with the construction of the new market, we need to ensure that all existing buildings on site are completely asbestos free. 

The asbestos removal will follow a standardised method that is Health and Safety Executive compliant. The CGTA’s asbestos expert witness has reviewed this, and our own advisors have observed and approved this method. During the works, there will also be regular air testing monitoring by an independent asbestos analyst to prove there is no asbestos exposure to people or produce.

We will be doing a dry run of the first stage on Thursday 28 February in order to familiarise the traffic management team with the new layout. This team will be on site for the full duration of works to help direct the flow of traffic.

Single lane traffic through centre row

For the first stage of works, the section of C Road and B Road beneath the West Bridge, and along Centre Row, will reduce to a single lane. The visual (above) shows how this section of the market will operate from 25 March. For the following two stages, one section of road (C Road or B Road) will reduce to a single lane. We will always have one vehicle route kept open so you’ll still be able to move along the Centre Row safely throughout.

To see visuals of how the new road layout will look for each phase, please check our website for more information:

Fork lift truck drivers

Forklift truck routes will remain open throughout. However, if you drive a forklift truck you may need to wait occasionally as we let lorries and vans pass. Please remember to take extra care when layouts or routes change on site.

Burst water pipe in the South Vehicle Car Park, 7 February

What happened? 

On Thursday 7 February at approximately 09:40 a water pipe was burst in the South Vehicle Car Park. This was caused by an excavator coming too close to the pipe positioned inside the trench.

VINCI St. Modwen isolated the water supply, working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. We were able to do a temporary fix overnight and a permanent fix the next day. We are sorry for any disruption this may have caused your businesses.

How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that events like this won’t ever happen. However, we can minimise the likelihood by putting in place the right preventative steps. There has been an investigation into how the pipe was damaged and we understand this was caused by the construction team failing to follow the approved procedure. The fragility of old mains in the ground was another factor.

VSM understands and prides itself on extremely vigilant work methods and incidents like these happen infrequently. VSM have since purchased materials that will enable them to carry out a repair more quickly in case an event like this happens again. We want to assure you that they will take extra care and precaution going forward.

Confirming your SMS and email contact details

We notified the tenants impacted as soon as we could and kept them up to date with texts and emails. To make sure we include you in any SMS or email updates that get sent to the market, please send Charlotte your mobile number and email address. She’ll add you to our list.


Tel: 020 7501 3494

ULEZ is coming on 8 April 2019

ULEZ boundary

To help improve air quality in London, an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in central London from 8 April 2019. Most vehicles including cars and vans will need to meet new, tighter exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay a daily charge to travel within the area of the ULEZ. The ULEZ replaces the T-Charge.

While New Covent Garden Market is currently outside the ULEZ boundary, you may travel through the ULEZ going to and from the market.

Does your vehicle comply?

Any vehicle that meets the ULEZ standard will be able to travel in the zone without paying the ULEZ charge. You can check if your vehicle complies by googling ULEZ vehicle checker.

This website could also help you plan when you're considering buying a new vehicle:

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