Redevelopment News 04.18

Update on the market’s logistics survey

As you know VSM have been undertaking a logistic survey for the market which revisits earlier work to ensure we are using the most relevant and current data.  This survey helps to inform how space is used in the new market but, as importantly, how it is used during the various construction phases.

The results are being constantly validated to show us what the maximum number of vehicles on site is at peak times.  We are using that information to ensure that all vehicles, and vehicle flows in and out, at peak times are facilitated.

Meetings have been set up with a number of individual companies to discuss different layout options and to get a better understanding of how they use space.  This work will feed back into the wider study and the final plan will be presented to the CGTA and then to the wider market community.

Vehicle logistics survey

MG & Sons move into the IDU

MG & Sons moved into the Interim Distribution Unit (IDU) in March, cementing a major piece of progress in the redevelopment project. Once all three distribution units along D Row have been vacated, this will free up space to unlock the next phase of work (Phase One) for the new Fruit and Veg Market. Premier Catering and Sheringhams are scheduled to move into the IDU by June.

Michael Gaeton, son of the founder at MG & Sons, shares a snapshot of his experience of the move:

“It was as smooth as it could have been. Yes, it was a huge upheaval - we’d been in the old unit for over 30 years - but we had great support from everyone. I’d like to thank CGMA, in particular Bob Marlow and Michael Sharkey, Gary and Jason at CGTA, VINCI St. Modwen and particularly all those members of our team at MG & Sons who went above and beyond for the company at such an important time.

There’s been an adjustment period. Everyone knew where things were in D 7-11 and it takes time to re-learn the new space. This is a chance to rethink how we do things and we’ve tried to be smart about that. We’re seeing the change as an opportunity for the business. We have swapped old for new and there has been a major uptick in the quality of our surroundings.”

Michael’s advice to others:

“We underestimated how much clutter had accumulated and how much time that would take to sort. With hindsight I’d have started that earlier, and I’d advise others to do the same.”

Commitment to completion of the new market

Below is a copy of a recent letter that was sent out to the Chairman of the CGTA, from St. Modwen Properties Chief Executive, Mark Allan.

We hope this gives further reassurance that we, CGMA, along with our redevelopment partner VSM, are fully committed to the completion and delivery of a quality market.

Update on the fire strategy for the new Fruit and Veg Market

We’re still in the process of working with our architect, BDP, on some new options for the fire strategy in the new Fruit and Veg Market.

We want to make sure we find the best option for the new market for both compliance and layout, and the detailed analysis of each step involved means that this process is taking time to finalise. As always, health and safety is the upmost importance and we will share the new designs once we’re confident they present a better fit from every angle. 

 We’ll have a more detailed update on the fire strategy in the next newsletter.   


New residents at the Food Exchange

The Food Exchange is fast filling up as more innovative and exciting food businesses move through its doors. Picking up coverage across both local and national press, including London’s Evening Standard, the Food Exchange has stirred excitement amongst London’s food entrepreneur scene with the space now home to a number of foodie residents:

  • Oppo – healthy ice cream 
  • Spoon Cereal – high-quality granola 
  • Whey-Hey –high-protein, low-sugar ice cream 
  • CocoPro – high-protein coconut water 
  • Young Foodies – food consulting business

Oppo’s co-founder Harry Thuillier says: “We’re incredibly excited to move into the Food Exchange at the start of its journey and to help create this amazing food community. It’s something utterly unique and finally gives all of us who work in food a place to come together.”

If you know of any other foodie businesses looking for an exciting new home, let them know about the Food Exchange. They can book a viewing via our website:

Food Exchange residents

Update on TfL’s Nine Elms Lane consultation results

TfL carried out a consultation survey last year which proposed taking Nine Elms Lane down to a single lane for road traffic, creating one dedicated lane for cycles and one for buses only. TfL has now published the results from this survey.

TfL received 930 direct responses. Of those who responded:

  • 30 per cent strongly supported the overall proposals
  • 13 per cent partially supported
  • 8 per cent partially opposed
  • 46 per cent strongly opposed
  • 3 per cent neither supported or opposed
  • less than 1 per cent had no opinion.

125 of the total responses came from New Covent Garden Market. Collectively, your feedback has made a difference – because of the significant number of responses, TfL is reviewing the overall proposal again before deciding next steps. 

TfL plans to publish a detailed response to the issues raised and a decision on next steps during summer 2018. We’ll share more updates with you once we have them.

You can view the full consultation report at:

TfL Consultation Survey

Football pitches to open on the market this July

Powerleague is creating a football facility that will feature six state-of-the-art, artificial all-weather pitches for its new home at New Covent Garden Market. Work on the pitches has already begun, with Powerleague aiming to bring its unique brand of football to the market, and the local Nine Elms community, by July this year.

There will be five 5-a-side pitches and one 8-a-side pitch – that means up to 66 people can play at any one time. There will also be access for local schools and community groups, and local residents will receive a discount to come in and play. For the football mad, the sport lovers and anyone in between, it’s a brilliant chance to connect the market with its surrounding community.

Andrew Hill, Managing Director for Powerleague, said: “We are immensely excited to announce the opening of Nine Elms Powerleague and relish the opportunity to bring small sided football to local residents and businesses.  Our success is built on building strong links with the community and giving players from all walks of life a destination to enjoy the beautiful game.”

One thing they should never be short of is oranges for half time. So with summer and the 2018 World Cup just around the corner, let’s bring on the games!

Football pitches

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