Redevelopment News 08.19

Update on the New Fruit and Veg Market, Phase One

Work is progressing well on Phase One of the new Fruit and Veg Market, which forms the first sections of West Block and Central Block. We are on course to deliver both buildings on time; they will be ready for Phase One tenants to start the fit out of their new units in November 2019, ahead of relocation in April 2020.


You may have heard that regrettably, some Phase One tenants have taken out a legal challenge relating to the termination of their current leases.

Every tenant has been given the opportunity to relocate to the new market. However, because the redevelopment is being carried out on a cycle of construction, relocation and then demolition of the existing buildings, it is not possible for tenants to keep their existing units as well.

CGMA genuinely believes that the redevelopment will create a thriving, modern wholesale market fit for the 21st century, which will work for tenants and customers. We are working closely with Phase One tenants to understand any concerns they have, and address them where reasonably possible.

We hope Phase One tenants will accept the offer of space in the new market, which includes an enhanced base build, contribution of £28.08 per square foot towards fit-out costs and rent-free period of up to one year. Ultimately, however it is each tenant’s choice whether or not to relocate.

Below, we have addressed some common questions and would encourage tenants to contact Tony Carter ( or Sean McVeigh ( to discuss any other concerns you may have.


If you are a Phase Two tenant, please contact Tony Carter ( or Sean McVeigh ( to discuss your new unit and any concerns you may have.


Fruit & Veg Market: your questions answered

We asked Jo Breare, Operations Director, to answer some common queries about the new market.

Q. Will there be condensation problems in the new units? 

A. You may have heard that the tenants who have temporarily moved into the ground floor of the Food Exchange have experienced some condensation problems, the reason for this is because the units in the Food Exchange were designed to house the permanent flower market, so they will be air conditioned and have a panelised roof system. The new Fruit & Veg Market has been designed for suspended ceilings and has a built up roof system, therefore we do not anticipate issues with condensation.

Q. Why is the power supply at the back of each unit? Is it sufficient to meet my needs?

A. Each unit will have its own 80 amp power supply at a minimum and can access additional power that is available on site, if needed. The power supply will be located at the back of each unit to reduce costs, with the savings used to add a fire corridor to each unit. If tenants wish to run a power line to the front of their unit, they will need to pay for this from the Enhanced Specification Allowance (£28.08 per square foot) however, we believe overall fit-out costs for the majority of tenants are likely to be considerably lower as a result of the fire corridor.

Q. Why do I have to pay for my own ceiling?

A. Every business at the market has different needs; some tenants don’t need the full height of their unit, or they want to install a mezzanine. To provide tenants with flexibility, we agreed with the CGTA to remove ceilings from the enhanced base build that is offered to all tenants and instead provide each tenant (subject to contract) an Enhanced Specification Allowance in the sum of £28.08 per square foot, from which tenants can pay for the fit-out that best suits the requirements of their business.

Q. Will my new unit be narrower than my current unit?

A. No, the new units are wider and longer than the existing units. They measure more than 6m wide (the existing units are 4.8m wide) and are up to 33m long.

Q. Will the hardstanding be strong enough for Artics?

A. Yes! The hardstanding areas have been designed in accordance with a number of design codes and guidelines, including the relevant British Standard for reinforced concrete hardstanding, BS EN 1992. The hardstanding between the market buildings will be provided with mesh reinforced concrete slabs.

Q. Will there be 15 minute slots for deliveries?

A. There is no plan to introduce timed slots for deliveries. However, we have assured tenants that we will closely monitor traffic on the new site and if any issues should arise in the future we would consider – and consult tenants on - a range of potential solutions.

Update on the West Bridge deconstruction

Stages One, Two and Three of the deconstruction have now been completed, ahead of schedule. The external glazing and asbestos boarding have been safely removed from the central section of the bridge, as well as the sections above B Road and C Road.


We’d like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation throughout these works, with a special thank you to the businesses in the immediate vicinity of the bridge for your patience and support throughout this important stage of the redevelopment:

County Supplies
Direct Delivered Produce
Fresh Connect
Greenhill Mushrooms
Supreme Salads


We are currently planning the final demolition and removal of the bridge, which will begin in early 2020. We will notify you as soon as possible about any potential impact or temporary road layouts.


New Security Lodge and demolition of Link House

Many of you will be aware that the Operations Team has now moved into the new Security Lodge, ahead of schedule.

Following their move out of Link House, we have started preparatory works to remove asbestos from the building before its eventual demolition, which will begin in early 2020. We will share further information about the planned demolition within the next few months. 

Drainage works continue along C and D row, Fruit and Veg Market

At the start of June, we began digging up the trenches at the end of C and D row on the Fruit and Veg Market (opposite Thessaly Road). This work continues and we will update you with more details as plans develop.

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