Redevelopment News 11.17

Update on TfL's proposed changes to Nine Elms Lane 

Back in August, TfL carried out a consultation survey to ask for feedback on their proposed changes to Nine Elms Lane. You may remember that we sent some information out about this.  

TfL's proposal was to take Nine Elms Lane down to a single lane for road traffic at all times creating one dedicated lane for cycles and one for buses only. 


Along with the CGTA we, at CGMA, wrote to TfL to voice our objections. We wrote to the Mayor of London, the Head of Transport for London, the leader of Wandsworth Council and the Labour MP for Battersea, Marsha de Cordova. Marsha understood our concerns and has lodged an objection to the changes on behalf of the market. 


Following our letter to TfL, we received a response from the MD of Surface Transport at TfL and he met with Daniel Tomkinson, CEO of CGMA. Following this we, along with two members of the CGTA, met with the TfL managers responsible for Nine Elms Lane. This was a positive first meeting. The MD of Surface Transport reassured that no final decision had been made. He explained that it's likely there will be some changes made to TfL's proposal following the consultation survey and the market's response. Following this, we will provide TfL with more detailed information about the market’s transport needs, and its layout, to help them understand market operations better. 


This is an ongoing discussion. We'll continue to work collaboratively with the CGTA and TfL to put forward a strong case opposing the changes to Nine Elms Lane.  TfL will publish the results of their consultation towards the end of the year. We do know that many of you objected to the proposals.

We’ll continue to keep the pressure on TfL, Wandsworth Council, the Mayor and City Hall. We'll keep the market community updated with any further news on this as soon as we know more.   

Artist impression of Nine Elms Lane


Work updates on the South Vehicle Car Park

The decision was taken to delay starting work in the South Vehicle Car Park until after the three tenants have moved into the Interim Distribution Unit (IDU) and taken their 120 vans away from the area.

We are working together with VINCI St. Modwen to better understand how logistics will work once construction starts in the South Vehicle Car Park. This exercise will also look at all the phases of the redevelopment.

Keeping your businesses operating with minimal disruption is a priority.  That is why we are taking this opportunity to look ahead and review the plan.

VINCI St. Modwen are carrying out a logistics survey to assess how the space is currently used to ensure that, as building work begins, businesses understand how they will operate. We hope to have the results before the end of this year. We’ll then be able to share an updated proposal with you. However, we’ll keep you updated with this along with exact dates.


Dates for the IDU move

The first three Fruit and Veg tenants to move will be in February 2018, into IDU. The builders are currently putting the finishing touches to the building in preparation for the move.

Above the IDU is the Food Exchange. As well as providing office space for food businesses the Food Exchange will have kitchen space for both production and demonstration.  This space can be hired by tenants and their clients. Importantly, it will raise the profile of the market across London and continue to demonstrate our importance to London’s food sector.  


Fire strategy for the new Fruit and Veg Market

As it stands, all buildings for the new Fruit and Veg Market are fire compliant and have a fire strategy that has been approved by Wandsworth Council at planning application stage.

Since we started designing fit outs for the Phase One tenants, we’ve been looking at ways to make this the best it can be for every business on the market – from both a cost and design point of view. We expect some outputs from this towards the end of this year.


Asbestos surveys on the West Bridge

The initial asbestos surveys being carried out on the West Bridge in the Fruit and Veg Market are now complete. We needed to do this initial work before a full asbestos strip out could begin. Now, we’re working with our redevelopment partner, VINCI St.Modwen, to plan the next stage. This will include a detailed proposal on how best to carry out works with minimal disruptions to the market.


Commitment to completion of the new market

Comments and concerns have been raised by the CGTA claiming that our redevelopment partner, VINCI St Modwen, are overspending on the project. Some are worried that the new market won’t reach completion if it goes over its original budget of £130 million.

We want to reassure you that there is total commitment to the redevelopment and completion of a new market by both the CGMA and VINCI St. Modwen. Contracts are in place to protect this. The deal is a fixed price contract.  If there is overspend that is at VINCI St. Modwen’s risk. The end goal to deliver a new market to the agreed specification won’t change. The contracts require each section of the market to be built to a specification.

New Covent Garden Market is already the best wholesale market in the country.  Our objective is to make sure it stays that way. Whilst timelines may change our commitment with VINCI St. Modwen to deliver a quality market that works for its tenants remains the same.

CGI of completion of New Covent Garden Market


Free WiFi in the Flower Market

We now have free WiFi in the Flower Market for customers. As part of our ambitions to evolve and modernise the market, we’re upgrading the spaces to make them a more attractive place for people to do business. To use the free WiFi simply connect to _FlowerMarketFreeWiFi and follow the steps to login and start browsing.

Free WiFi in Flower Market


Northern Line Extension: Major breakthrough for Helen and Amy 

On November 8, the Northern Line Extension programme reached a big milestone. Both tunnel boring machines, who go by the names Helen and Amy, broke through to their final destination in Kennington. It marks the end of their 3.2km tunnelling journey, which started in Battersea in spring 2017. Completion of the two tunnels is a significant step closer to the overall project finish which is expected by 2020. 

The Northern Line Extension is the first major extension to a Tube line since the Jubilee line in the late 1990s and will support around 25,000 new jobs, and more than 20,000 new homes.

Construction timeline 

Construction timeline

To view the latest updates to the redevelopment construction timeline, click here.

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