Temporary Waste Compound and Pavilion Car Park Closure

From Saturday 1 August the Pavilion Car Park will be closed and users will need to park in one of the South Vehicle Car Parks. This is to make way for the Temporary Waste Compound.

Pavilion Car Park Closure

STARTS: 1 August 2015
ENDS: The Pavilion Car Park will not re-open
WHO IT AFFECTS: Those who park their car at the Pavilion Car Park
WHAT TO DO: Users are to park in the South Vehicle Car Park from 1 August

To make way for the Temporary Waste Compound (see below) we need to close the Pavilion Car Park for all cars. Users will need to park in the South Vehicle Car Park, from 1 August, in one of the designated private vehicle car parks. Commercial vehicles that park to the east of the Pavilion will still be able to do so.

We will be creating a new car park near the current South Vehicle Car Park, as well as making the current one bigger, so there will be enough spaces to accommodate all cars that currently park in the Pavilion Car Park. This new car park will be to the east of the Irish Dock.

The map below shows the location of these two car parks.

Pavilion Car Park Closure

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

These car parks are for those who have permits with surface parking.

Temporary Waste Compound

Works start: 3 August 2015
Opens: 24 September 2015
Location: Current Pavilion Car Park

In Brand New Covent Garden Market we will have a new, powerful and efficient recycling and waste facility adjacent to the Multi-Storey Car Park. This will allow us to maintain our deep commitment to sending zero waste to landfill.

In order to do this, we must move the current waste facility so works can take place. We have created a Temporary Waste Compound on the current Pavilion Car Park, which will be up and running from 24 September until July 2016, when the new Recycling & Waste Compound will open.

The Temporary Waste Compound will allow us to provide the same level of recycling and waste service that we provide now.

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