The Flower Market Will Now Move in January 2017

The Flower Market will now be moving to its new home on our Main Entrance Site in January 2017, not in October 2016 as previously scheduled.

A number of our tenants told us they were worried that a move in October was too close to Christmas. Also, we have been told that Thames Water may need to carry out some works on the Main Entrance Site, which could delay the construction completion date.

To be absolutely certain that we don’t move any closer to Christmas, we have decided to delay the move to January 2017. We will now be moving over the weekend 7-8 January 2017, ready to open for trading on Monday 9 January 2017.

Works have already begun to build the brand new Flower Market next to our current Main Entrance. Hoardings are going up, with construction starting in earnest in February.

Over the course of this year you’ll be receiving lots of information from us about the move and the ins and outs of the new Flower Market. We’ll make sure you know exactly what’s going on and how the new market works.

We’ll be hosting previews for traders and customers before we open, as well as being on hand, before and after the move, to help make it a smooth, easy and exciting one. Come 9 January 2017 you’ll be ready to buy and sell beautiful flowers in a modern and fresh environment. In a better home for flowers in the heart of London.

The new Flower Market will be on our Main Entrance Site from January 2017 until autumn 2022, when it will move to its permanent home at the front of the new market.

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