Redevelopment News 06.19

Jun 2019
Dec 2019

Update on the deconstruction of the West Bridge


Stages One & Two have now been completed. The external glazing and asbestos boarding has been safely removed from the central section of the bridge, as well as the section of bridge above B Road. This work has been completed with low impact on market operations.


The third and final stage started on Monday 3 June 2019. This five-week stage will remove the external glazing and asbestos boarding from the remaining section of the bridge. The section of C Road beneath the West Bridge will reduce to a single lane. During this period, there will be minimal impact on B Road.


As with Stages One & Two, in order to minimise disruption, work will take place between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, outside peak market hours. The area where work is taking place will remain cordoned off at all times, for the full five weeks of this stage, together with the parking bays impacted by these works.

More visuals of how the road layout will look for each stage can be found at


Update on New Fruit and Veg Market, Phase One

Work is progressing well on Phase One of the new Fruit and Veg Market which forms the first sections of West Block and Central Block. We are still on course to deliver both buildings and these will be ready for Phase One tenants to start the fit out of their new units by November 2019. We have begun constructing columns within the building that will support the internal walls.


We’ve been speaking with Phase One tenants since January 2019 and will be following up with you shortly to discuss your submitted designs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fit out of your new unit, please contact the Property and Projects team with any questions or concerns.


We have begun the consultation process with Phase Two tenants. Please contact Tony Carter ( or Sean McVeigh ( with any questions you may have regarding Phase Two.


New Security Lodge

We have now completed construction of the new Security Lodge. The security team, currently based in Link House, will start moving into the new space. We expect the move of the Operations Team to be fully completed by the end of August. Following the move, we will start the first phase of works in Link House, allowing the replacement of the lifts in the multi-storey car park. We anticipate the new lifts will be in full working order in December 2019.


Drainage works to start along C and D row, Fruit and Veg Market

At the start of June, we began digging up the trenches at the end of C and D row on the Fruit and Veg Market (opposite Thessaly Road). This work is low impact as the affected area is primarily out of use. Eight car parking bays and three disabled parking bays will be displaced to the Apron area between Units D1 to D6.


Closure to Forklift Access Row on D row, Fruit and Veg Market

On 5 June 2019, we sent you a redevelopment update with regards to the closure of the Forklift Access Road in D Row of the Fruit and Veg Market. This closure is scheduled to remain permanent. Forklift trucks and pedestrians are still able to access Buyers’ Walk from the East cut-through and the West cut-through via C Row. Nellie’s Café remains open for business as normal.