The Support Services

Brand New Covent Garden Market is akin to a machine. A sum of components that work together, purposefully and efficiently. If the buildings are the structural elements, The Support Services are the mechanisms that make this machine run so smoothly. And like all the other components, we are making these better.

That means a better road layout. It means immediate and effective waste management. It means logical vehicle parking. Convenient van washing means vehicles will look as fresh as the produce. Better security, for everybody’s benefit, provides a reassuring presence.

These are the services that help make this a better place to be.


Better involves some fairly big decisions. The Main Entrance moves South of the railway line and uses five tidal lanes to respond efficiently to traffic.

We also have a separate, designated, two way junction onto Wandsworth Road for Flower Market customers. This ensures a swift, convenient entry and exit at any time of day or night. It also serves as emergency entry and exit should the need arise.

Pedestrian Routes

Simplified leads to better by foot. A main pedestrian route runs from the East of the site (conveniently and logically close to where the new Tube station is) to the West.

This route accesses all market buildings. An easy, safe and pleasant way to navigate all parts of Brand New Covent Garden Market.

First floor walkways around the outside of the Fruit and Vegetable Market provide an effective flow, removed from vehicles, as well as an invigorating and welcome breath of fresh air. Back at ground level, the canopies of the Fruit and Vegetable Market buildings provide cover for a series of walkways.

Whilst it is impossible to keep pedestrians and vehicles completely separate, a carefully designed system provides regular safe refuges for people to pass as well as clearly visible Zebra crossings to make flow between buildings safe and quick.


A safe and secure market is what we all expect.

The brand new security lodge is located at the Main Entrance. A reassuring presence. The state of the art CCTV technology operated by trained specialists means peace of mind at all times.

Multi-Storey Car Park

This stays exactly where it is. What it does get is a thorough refurbishment. A proper, long term refurbishment.

Way beyond a cosmetic makeover. The result is a safe, secure and efficient facility tuned to the needs of 21st century traffic.

Lush, living walls to the exterior are a beautiful, green and beneficial gesture to the market.

When did you last describe a multi-storey car park as delightful?

Road Layout

A new road layout means better traffic flow around the entire site.

Deliveries no longer take place in the road, instead lorries pull into dedicated loading and unloading areas outside the units. No more congestion down the centre rows.


Fork Lift Truck Routes

Designated fork lift truck routes keep them safely separate from other vehicles and pedestrians. An efficient and orderly system putting an end to congestion, stress and hazard.

Recycling & Waste Compound

A powerful and efficient facility will be located, discretely, adjacent to the multi-storey car park.

A major factor in our deep commitment to sending zero waste to landfill. The fact that it is now under cover helps to ensure we can continue to push the boundaries in helping the environment by minimising waste. Despite its scale it is designed to be unobtrusive. We can continue to manage waste but out of sight.

An exciting feature are six football pitches covering the roof area. There are one or two pundits on the market. Time to put your money where your mouth is. The pitches may well see some hard fought matches between traders, perhaps even a London markets tournament. They are also for the use of the local community. Set up matches with them. Do the market proud.

Consolidation Canopies

Two Consolidation Canopies at either end of our East End building mean orders can be consolidated before leaving the market, protected from the elements.

Fruit & Veg Market Loading Docks

South of The Buyers’ Walk we have three new, covered Loading Docks. It remains to be seen whether this will still get called the Irish Dock.